When I got a study place in Sweden I burst into tears for two reasons: joy and the fact that I would have to leave Helsinki at the end of summer. Helsinki has become my beloved hometown, which I didn’t imagine when I moved here. I fell in love with Helsinki when I was sitting in a tram, the sun warming up my face nicely. That’s when I realised how beautiful and wonderful Helsinki is. I have had these kinds of small falling in love moments over the course of three years, in all seasons every year; sometimes while walking in the city, waiting for a bus or just watching the people go by. Helsinki is simply beautiful thanks to its diversity. This summer I plan to sit on the Kivinokka rocks, swim in the sea, enjoy the beauty of the Töölönlahti bay, walk around Kallio, admire the beauty of the wooden district of Käpylä and eat sorbet under a canopy kiosk, and ride the number one tram the entire length of the route. Helsinki’s secret is Helsinki itself, that there is no other city like it anywhere else.