Helsinki’s secret is in its people and moments. In the people that build the city and its culture, ways and happenings. In the person who invented the day when anyone can open their own restaurant. In the moment when a cyclist crosses the tram tracks on Porthaninkatu, and you know that he has rolled down that hill before. At the home of the person whose home is also his friends’ home. In the moment when you understand how small and unique Helsinki is, how easy it is to get from one place to the next; one island to the next, one sauna to the next, one restaurant to the next, one season to the next. Helsinki’s secret is in the person who seeks and finds new cafés, shops, flea markets, their own secret places where to have fun and relax throughout the year. Helsinki’s secret is in the moment when you realise that Helsinki has no secrets – that everything is within reach, just for you.