Helsinki’s secret is that the city is like the whole of Finland in miniature, compressed at the end of a single peninsula. This city encompasses the wooden houses of Käpylä, the stone houses of Töölö, the glass office buildings of Ruoholahti and the fields of Viikki. On the island of Lammassaari there are tiny wooden cottages and dances at the old workers’ house, while in Vallila you can listen to trendy techno music in disused factories. Kontula is a neighbourhood with long traditions and roots, whereas in Eira people live it up on the fringes of urban culture. Helsinki includes Turku and Tampere just as much as Rovaniemi and even Kuusamo. You can ride the tram from a village atmosphere to the feel of a big city, insofar as that’s possible in Finland. Here you have an archipelago, forests, fields and parks. Here you have a city. All of Finland in one go.